Late Night Passion – Hardcore Foursome

Late Night Passion – Hardcore Foursome

The men got straight down to business and soon Beate had Jochem and Kurt’s cocks in her hands, whilst Max fingered her fat-lipped, musky-smelling pussy… The three guys changed places, and whilst Beate sucked Max and Jochem off in turn, Kurt invited her to sit on his dick. She felt a burning thrill as he penetrated her arse, instead of her cunt… After giving her an anal ride, Kurt wanted to fuck Beate’s arse so that his buddies could have a clear view of her two delicious holes…

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Jochem brought Beate to a very nice little climax, but before she could get her breath bac, she felt herself being manoeuvered into a kneeling position. Seconds later she felt kurts pulsing cock penetrating her… The horny quartet fucked without speaking… The guys had nothing to say and Beate couldn’t talk, because she had her mouth full! As she enjoyed her “overdose” of dick, Beate prayed that no one would ring for room-service!



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As Beate was riding Kurt, Jochem suddenly got a very kinky idea… He wet his index finger and carefully introduced it into her anus. Beate wriggled with pleasure and thrust her bottom upwards, trying to get more of it up her arse. This was just the response he’d been hoping for. He grunted a single word: “Sandwich”, and then pushed his cock deep into the chambermaid’s tight, but willing rectum. It was the first time that Beate had been simultaneously arse and cunt fucked – she loved it…!


Being “sandwiched made beate orgasm violently… Her cunt and ass muscles opened and closed in spasms of delight….